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Aluminium castings for cooling and heating, embedded components and street furniture

UNEKO produces dozens of different type castings for cooling and heating fluids or air. We offer and supply heat-exchanger producers with various technical solutions when the heating or cooling element is embedded directly in the casting or additionally mounted in a prepared aperture. We supply leading European and American makers with a “hot-melt” solution for poured or pressured heating element castings.

Obviously, we also supply castings that are machined, including basic assembly with the requisite surface treatment. Often a non-stick surface is required, usually fluoroplastic coatings (PFA, FEP, PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, MFA, PA-11, PE) known by brand names such as TEFLON®, XYLAN®, RILSAN®, HALAR® and others.

For 25 years we have produced aluminium castings for street furniture. We have made and supplied thousands of castings forpark benches, railings and decorative latticework, garden posts, gas and electrical street lamps.

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