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We cast, machine and supply aluminium castings for different industries

How we work

We will take you through the entire production process, from designing a computer 3D model to the final machined aluminium casting and shipping it directly to you. We are not afraid to mass-produce or even do piecework, with UNEKO standing behind the quality of our products.

Production quality checked at every step in the process. Products supplied, including all required documents. Work done according to an agreed upon system (KANBAN, call off, framework contract...) We will pack and deliver the parts directly to your warehouse.
About the company

About the company

  • UNEKO is a genuine Czech aluminium foundry
    with a tradition
  • We have produced and supplied aluminium castings
    since 1991
  • We annually cast 250 tonnes of castings into sand moulds
  • We machine aluminium castings at in-house
    machining shop

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Where to find us

UNEKO spol. s r. o.
Loučky 333
793 16 Zátor
Czech Republic IČ: 189 53 565