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Aluminium castings for pumps, filters, current meters and fittings

For 20 years we have supplied technologically challenging and complex aluminium parts for pumps, filters, flowmeters and fittings for the gas, petrochemical and extraction industries.

To produce these castings we use long-term verified and carefully established technological procedures. Ongoing product inspection and strict testing of prepared parts themselves guarantee deisgn engineer requirements are met.

A majority of these tests are done directly at our factory

  • Penetration testing;
  • Ultrasound testing;
  • Air and water pressure testing;
  • Helium leak testing.

We perform specialized casting material testing at independent accredited laboratories.

  • Verifying the material's mechanical characteristics;
  • X-ray testing;
  • Ultrasound testing;
  • Destruction testing;

For instance, we supply aluminium castings for the production of sludge pumps including machining, surface-treatment (on a polyurethane base), assembly (threaded inserts, sealing and control elements), and pressure testing to detect leaks.

More about input, interim and output quality inspections.



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