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Aluminium castings for rail vehicles

Why are more and more steel and cast-iron castings for rail vehicles being replaced by aluminium? The reasons are lower weight and cost, and faster, more flexible production. Yet aluminium casings retains the required mechanical characteristics. Our aluminium castings for rail vehicles are components used in braking systems, door mechanisms, andair-conditioning and filtration units.

Since 2005 when UNEKO became an approved ETR 600 - New Pendolino project supplier, we have supplied machined parts and sub-assemblies for leading European, American and Asian producers of above-ground and underground trains, trams and trolleybuses.

In terms of safety, railway industry is one of the most demanding industries to produce for. Therefore all production and engineering operations are regularly inspected according to an approved quality control plan. Each rail vehicle casting we make undergoes directly in production both interim and then strict output inspections. Tracebility of test results is a given.

More about input, interim and output quality inspections.


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