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Aluminium castings for the electronics industry

We can say with pride and no exaggeration that our castings have played a significant role in electrifying South America, Africa and the Middle East.

For more than 15 years we have made thousands of aluminium alloy housings and caps for the electricity industry's high-voltage switching equipment. Vacuum impregnation provides the long-lasting pressure-sealing required for this electrical equipment and it is 100% checked with our in-house helium leak test.

We supply electricity industry customers with dozens of different aluminium casting types for booster and distribution networks and for trolley cabling. We supply terminal boxes, distribution boxes, covers, consoles and other parts completely machined, including assembly of threaded inserts, controlling elements and required surface treatments. These are usually epoxide coatings, anodic oxidation, Araldite® or SurTec®.

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